Terms & Conditions



ANY Changes to Terms of Sale, Terms of Service, and/or Terms and Conditions will be considered retroactive to any prior adjustments. These changes will be effective immediately. This revision is registered on Friday, December 18, 2020.



The bidder accepts the conditions of sale stated as follows by offering bids via internet:


  1. All sales are for cash. FULL PAYMENT IS DUE within 7 days after the closing date of the auction.
  1. Items are sold to the highest bidder. Accepted payment methods are PayPal or money order. Contact us for payment instructions if paying by money order.
  1. Minimum order is $10.00 USD. NO EXCEPTIONS. If your order is less than $10.00 USD total, NOT including shipping, you will be assessed the difference in your order total up to the minimum order requirement of $10.00 USD.
  1. Items won will now be combined from auction to auction, weekly only.  Customers will have invoices for our weekly separate auctions combined into ONE weekly invoice. Invoices will need to be paid weekly, individually. We will not combine shipping for items won in two separate weeks. If you participate in a Tuesday (CFA) and Wednesday (W100), or a Tuesday (CFA) and Saturday (SCA) auction, for example within the SAME week, those two auction events' winnings will be combined to make your weekly invoice. If you participate in ALL of our auction events, those auction wins will be combined into ONE weekly invoice for payment and issued on the first business day of the week following the last weekly auction event's close. Invoices are to be considered combined for events from Sunday through Saturday weekly. 
  1. Each item has a specific opening bid. If you are the first person to bid that amount, the item will be sold to you at that price unless another bidder raises your bid. We have no “reserve”.
  1. NO retraction of bids is permitted. Once a bid has been placed, it may not be retracted. If a legitimate mistake is made, contact us immediately via our Customer Service email and your bid may be adjusted.
  1. Bidding sales are not approval sales. Winning bids must be honored by bidders. We cannot assume responsibility for errors made in the amount bid or lot numbers listed on bid sheets. Check bid sheets for accuracy. Errors in descriptions or our inability to fill an order are the ONLY causes for a refund. Requests for adjustments must be made within three days of receipt of the items and accompanied by a letter of explanation. Late remittance for purchases, however, is considered cause to negate this privilege.
  1. DIG reserves the right to cancel the auction or reschedule the closing dates without recourse from any bidder or prospective bidder. We also reserve the right to revise our Terms & Conditions when deemed necessary.
  1. Offers to “top all other bids” are not accepted.
  1. DIG reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids by any bidder.
  1. ALL BIDS ARE CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS and all bidders are obligated to honor their bids AS CONTRACTS TO BUY the items involved. Invoices overdue by 14 days or longer may be submitted to an independent collection agency and result in additional liability for legal fees. Invoices NOT PAID WITHIN 30 DAYS will have the items on that invoice voided and reintroduced into a future auction at the discretion of DIG, unless prior approval is granted to the customer by DIG. You MUST submit, in writing, the reason you are seeking approval for your lapse in payment. Approval may or may not be granted based on the time that your outstanding invoice(s) has/have been dormant. If your invoice remains unpaid for 30 days, your items will then be considered the property of DIG Auctions ONLY and we will do as we see fit with those items.
  1. Bidders must pay packing, postage, and insurance costs.
  1. Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, California, and Illinois residents are required to pay state sales tax or must provide re-sale certificate/number to be excluded from paying state sales tax.
  1. Should DIG be prevented by fire, theft, or any reason from delivering any property to the buyer, any liability of DIG’s shall be limited to the amount actually paid for the property by that buyer.
  1. If an item is damaged in transit or missing from your order, DO NOT DISCARD ANY PACKING MATERIALS. CALL US IMMEDIATELY at (855) 344-7865, Monday through Friday, 9:30AM – 5:30PM.
  1. Electrically operated items are sold for their collectible value only. Actual use of such items is at the purchaser’s risk.




Auctions close when the final bid has been placed. There is a ten (10) second timer that starts once a bid is placed at the auction’s designated closing time. This timer will restart if another bid is placed within its ten second limit, until no bids are placed within the timer’s limit therefore signifying the final bid. BE ADVISED that the timer DOES NOT EXTEND the next auction lot. We advise, for this reason, that you place your proxy bids in advance if you have multiple item bids that may close within moments of each other.




Invoices are processed and sent out the next available business day after the auction has closed. For our Saturday Comic Auction events, invoices are processed on Mondays, unless that Monday is a recognized holiday, then invoices would be processed and sent out that Tuesday instead. For our Premiere Auction events, invoices are processed the next business day. If a Premiere Auction event closes on a Friday, then invoices would be processed and sent out that Monday, for example. All holiday stipulations apply to our Premiere Auction events as well. Invoices will be combined for auction events within the same week (Sunday through Saturday) and issued on the first business day following the last auction's closing, as specified above. 




Minimum order is $10.00 USD, no exceptions. If your order total (also known as your “winning bids” total) is less than $10.00 USD total, not including shipping, you will be assessed the difference in your order total up to the minimum order requirement of $10.00 USD. Shipping will be subsequently added to that amount of $10.00 USD to complete your order.




Every item is assigned an "Opening" bid. If you bid this amount, the item will be sold to you unless another bidder raises your bid. Quote marks in a description indicate words that actually appear on the item.


Note: Most items we offer are in very fine to excellent or mint condition. We occasionally offer an unusual or rare item in poor to good condition.




Raw Comics ship for $5.00 and $1.00 per additional raw comic.* (Continental/Domestic USA)

Graded Comics ship for $8.00 and $3.00 per additional graded comic.* (Continental/Domestic USA)


*We will adjust orders as needed to make sure buyers are charged fair shipping and handling rates. Recalculation of shipping charges will occur once the above rate formula exceeds the posted shipping rates provided on the websites of USPS and UPS for multiple item/combined shipments. You will be charged the lower of our stated formula rate or the UPS/USPS calculated rate. Selection of UPS or USPS shipping will be at our discretion, dependent on which service is more economical.


We ALWAYS combine shipping. Your shipment will be automatically combined with the shipping calculated based on “ready to ship” package size and weight. If buying more than one item, the shipping service MAY CHANGE from First Class Service to Priority Service based on TOTAL WEIGHT and PACKAGE SIZE due to USPS REQUIREMENTS. We have no influence over the regulations set by USPS and must follow the regulations.




International items will be calculated after auction end based on your location.  We will try to offer the lowest shipping rate available to you without compromising the package.



Winning bidder pays postage and insurance. If a significant mistake is made in describing an item, the item can be returned within 7 DAYS of receipt for a FULL REFUND of PURCHASE PRICE (NO Shipping charges will be refunded).  After 7 DAYS, the sale is FINAL and no returns will be accepted for any reason.




Contact DIG immediately by email.


DAMAGE: Keep all packaging (shipping box, packaging materials) as well as the damaged item itself. DIG will then contact the carrier (UPS, USPS) to start the claim process.


LOSS: If a package is lost, we will contact the USPS or UPS and request a package tracer. The purpose of the tracer is to provide proof of delivery or if unable to prove delivery, request a claim for loss.


Reimbursement for loss or damage will not occur until the claim process has been concluded which could take up to 4 weeks or more.




Please keep in mind grading can vary from person to person.  We keep our grading in line with The Overstreet Guide to Grading and the same 10-point scale used by CGC and CBCS.  All “raw” books are graded to the best of our ability.  We have been in business over 25 years and we stand by our grading.





Frequently Asked Questions


Do you combine shipping for MULTIPLE ITEMS won?

Yes, we ALWAYS provide combined shipping! There is no need to request a combined shipping invoice because we combine your items for shipment automatically. Recalculation of shipping charges will occur once the above rate formula exceeds the posted shipping rates provided on the websites of USPS and UPS for multiple item/combined shipments. You will be charged the lower of our stated formula rate or the UPS/USPS calculated rate. If the items are too large to ship together, or will get damaged by shipping together, then they will be shipped separately to ensure the protection of the items’ condition as collectibles.


When will my item ship? Will it be packed securely?

ALL purchases are professionally packaged by our Shipping Department staff and are usually shipped within five (5) business days or less, once we receive cleared payment. During a particularly busy, or holiday, week shipping may take an extra day.


Do you have any more pictures available you can send?

We have provided the best quality and quantity of image that we are able to provide. No others are available.


Will you end auction items early?

We will not accept any offers to end an auction early. Nor will we accept any offers to “top all other bids”.


Do you charge sales tax? Why, if this is an internet sale?

Customers from MD, PA, VA, CA, IL, NJ, and NY must pay applicable sales tax. We are a professional, legitimately licensed, legally incorporated business with physical locations in the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. As we have those locations in those states, we are required by law to charge sales tax for purchases made by residents of those states. The address that you have registered to your account determines your billing and shipping, as we have no other information to go on other than what you have put into the system. We are unable to circumvent the law and therefore must follow it if we wish to stay in business. Pennsylvania residents will be charged state sales tax on the shipping charges, per Pennsylvania’s state tax law. Due to the Supreme Court decision for "South Dakota v. Wayfair", states have enacted legislation requiring the collection of state sales tax based on volume of sales into states. As we are now considered to have an economic nexus in the listed states (IL, NY, CA, and NJ) and we are required by that legislation to charge sales tax. Additional states will be added as required.