About Us

Diamond International Galleries was founded in 1994 and first opened its doors January 27, 1995. Its initial incarnation was created to promote and educate the public about pop culture collectibles, boost prestige with events we have hosted, and help collectors find the items that really interest them the most. Diamond International Galleries celebrated our 25th year in operation in 2020.

 The function and focus of DIG has evolved based on market shifts and the introduction of internet sales platforms, which have allowed us to extend our reach globally. Diamond International Galleries closed its exhibit space following the opening of Geppi’s Entertainment Museum on September 6, 2006. While DIG remains focused on the sales and marketing of vintage to current pop culture collectible items, we have passed the educational functions of these items along to GEM.

 Currently Diamond International Galleries buys collections that include, but are not limited to, pop culture collectibles such as:

 Disneyana, Westerns, superheroes, print media advertisements and magazines, original artwork, political memorabilia, television and movie items, toys, action figures, comprehensive comic book collections, individual comic books of significance, vintage toys, primitive items, sports memorabilia, coins, die-cast vehicles, cast iron items, collectible glassware, tin litho toys, political party pins and badges, small porcelain signs, oil and gas company signage, statues, collectible display pieces, and MORE!

 We utilize multiple internet sales platforms including Amazon as DIG Marketplace and eBay as DIG Auctions, as well as our own website here. We regularly list 600 to 800 items, weekly, via eBay along with thousands of “buy-it-now” listings.

 Diamond International Galleries is currently the headquarters for an almost-limitless array of comics, original comic art, posters, animation cells and backgrounds, drawings, oils, and antique toys. We, therefore, have a comprehensive inventory of collectibles of memorabilia. Diamond International Galleries provides professional auction services, specializing in the sale of pop culture collectibles and memorabilia. We serve all states and also sell internationally.

 Along with our sister company Gemstone Publishing, Diamond International Galleries also co-publishes Scoop, a free weekly e-newsletter which looks inside the world of pop culture with a focus on auctions, toys, comics, posters, art and anything and everything pop culture! The spotlight is on fun, while also offering informative insights into the beloved playthings of the past and how they have influenced our culture.


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